I swim. I bike. I run. I push the limits of the body to learn about life.
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Shifting into Beast Mode

Shifting into Beast Mode

beast-mode-offThe Intimidator half iron was a wake up call. While the race turned out fine, I never found “my gear”. You know the one that gets you to the point where you just know the one: BEAST MODE.  During the bike especially, I found that I had limited mental will to push my edge. And my performance shows it.

That is not the way to start the season. But, it did remind me that if I wanted my body to go…

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It’s Not Ideal: The Intimidator - Florida Challenge Triathlon Race Report

It’s Not Ideal: The Intimidator – Florida Challenge Triathlon Race Report

Florida Challenge Triathlon“The first race of the season is always something of a sh!t show,” I mentioned to a friend, last week, as we talked about my upcoming race at the Intimidator Florida Challenge Triathlon, held in Clermont, FL on March 22, 2014.

In the case of this race, “sh!t show” turned out to be an accurate descriptor, as a series of events joined together to make this day–and the lead up to the day–less than…

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